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Wordpress gives you the flexibility to create your own LMS, starting from scratch. Craft a site that is exactly what you need for your organization. Use the Wordpress platform to provide a stress-free, engaging experience for your learners.
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With the core functionality of an LMS platform, Expresso Soft also provide a variety of add-ons including analytics, content management, eCommerce, marketing automation, mobile learning, and more to create a complete package for any business needs. So that the learning never stops and your LMS platform keep growing.

Expresso Soft LMS Service
Online learning management systems or LMS is one of the fastest-growing industries in 2022. Analysis and statistics are predicting that by 2025 online learning industry will be worth $325 billion. If you want to join this skyrocketing industry, Expresso Soft LMS development service is offering you LMS implementation, training or technical problem solving an end-to-end service to make your organization successful. Let’s together set your teaching strategy and transform your teaching method into an LMS or learning management system.

Build an amazing LMS platform like Udemy & Coursera with our LMS development service & solution. We use the best & the most famous LMS plugins like LearnDash, Tutor LMS & LearnPress. You will enjoy a user-friendly and easy-to-maintain LMS platform with our service. Our clients like Training SM8A are very satisfied with our work and they are spreading their knowledge from their LMS website and creating their place in the industry.

Why LMS?
The traditional method of teaching and learning management consume more time while creating LMS and managing the whole process takes a minimum time.
LMS provides reports to trainees and teachers on their progress which helps to analyze and get an advanced reporting of your program.
LMS’s one of the big advantages is multimedia learning. You can learn by watching videos and images, listing to audio and reading articles.
Accessing, organizing & managing the whole process of learning is very easy and secure for trainees, teachers & admin in LMS. Content and information can easily be updated in LMS.
Content management, communication between trainees and teachers & overall controlling the administration is very easy and efficient for admin in LMS.
If you think you can deliver some content to educate people about something or you have an organization and want to open an online education system but afraid of the whole management system or the technical difficulties. Please don’t walk back. Release your dream and make it happen with Expresso LMS development service. Our expert developer team will help you to make your dream happen.
Expresso Soft has worked with the most famous LMS plugins like LearnDash & LearnPress. We have built user-friendly and easy-to-maintain LMS websites with them. Our clients like Training SM8A are very satisfied with our service and they are spreading their knowledge from their LMS website and creating their place in the industry.
What you can expect from this LMS development service?


Even though we built LMS and LMS website, It doesn’t it will look old and will have a design. Your LMS interface and website design will be very futuristic, user-friendly, and responsive for every device. You feel more fun browsing your website and feel more interested in your course.

Progress and analysis

Your students or who are learning your courses, will always see and compare their progress and always test how much they are learning by attending exams & quizzes.

Course management

Your LMS system will be shown in a very organized and categorized way. Every lesson will be listed by its category and author’s name. You can offer demo courses before login or subscription. Teachers, users, and admins every one will have separate login in the system and everyone’s authority system will be different.

Contents or lessons

Teachers will be able to upload their content but they won’t be able to edit and delete others' content or lessons. Any lesson won’t be published without the admin’s verification.


After finishing a course your students will get a certificate to congratulate him/her for successfully finishing a course.


You can come back to Expresso Soft any time with any sort of question, difficulties of understanding, any kind of dysfunctionality, or support we are always there for you.
Build your own LMS for your business with our LMS development service. You can get a high-quality and user-friendly solution at a reasonable cost with the help of our experts. Get in touch to know more.

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