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Custom post type was one of the best features Wordpress added from their 0.3 update. It allows you to add your own post type outside the WordPress's default Post, Page and types. And Expresso Soft’s custom post service is here to help you to build your post type for your business.
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Build your own post types with Expresso Soft

Expresso Soft is a leading Wordpress custom post type service provider. We help our clients to create flexible and powerful custom post types for their Wordpress sites. The custom post type service helps clients to create flexible and powerful custom post types for their Wordpress sites in minutes. It provides a wide range of customization options and lets the clients choose the best fit for their needs.
Service - Custom Post Type
What is custom post type?
Wordpress custom post type converts a regular Wordpress website into a content management system. It is a regular post type with different values in the database. We can create our own custom post type for our e commerce website, movie website, book website, portfolio, mapping, etc.
Custom post types are useful for many things, but one of the most popular is creating a blog-style website. You can use Wordpress custom post types to make it easier for visitors to find blog posts or other content on your website. If you want to run an e commerce website you would like to add features and descriptions of your every product, you will make it searchable by name, category, etc. That is why you will need a custom post type for your products. And Expresso Soft is here to build a custom post type for your website.
Custom post types are a great way to create custom content types for your Wordpress site. They allow you to use different fields and taxonomies that you can’t with posts and pages, which can be really helpful in building out specific content types like events, products or recipes.
We can create custom post types in two ways. One is installing a plugin another is creating a PHP code to create a custom post type manually. Both ways are a little bit complicated. For plugin installation, you have to change some settings in your Wordpress setting and for manual creating custom post types you have to learn PHP, HTML & CSS.
Whether you want to create complex custom types or just want to use some more specific content types, custom post types are your answer.
But you don't have to worry about it. Expresso Soft is here to help you to build your custom post type. The custom post type is a very important feature for WordPress. Because Wordpress post type is blog post type by default. But with custom post type we can make it to a full content management system.
If you are planning to open an online e commerce shop, book shop, movie or song management website, or insert any sort of library and category into your website, these types of websites, the custom post types help to easily edit and easily show your data and information from anywhere from your website. But the setup process is complicated and time-consuming. Your theme and templates should be compatible with your custom post types. But with Expresso Soft’s expert developers, we will build you the whole website and system with a single page or single post type, custom post type, and everything you need. Your website will be functional and you will be able to show your data from anywhere on your website with our Wordpress custom post type service.

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