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Compliance portal is an employee management system. Where clients want to have the following features.

User management system (Manager, Company, Employee, Duty Manager, Receptionist)
Patronage and Hazard management
Training Management(LMS)
Profile Management
Application Dashboard

Our process & implementation - COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT - DBMS - LMS

In the case of the Compliance Portal plugin, our goal was to fix the existing bugs and to add some new features. This would improve the user experience of the plugin.
We started working on the project by compiling a Strategic Roadmap. We’ve also implemented performance fixes and improvements for the user interface and error handling to provide a better user experience. Our main challenge here was the integration with their training(LMS) site which was a completely different site with a separate database. Employee training results are stored in the training database and everything else like their salary increase and many other benefits will be provided through the compliance portal. They have a patronage and hazard management system so we provide them a multi-step form to upload employee’s patron and hazard form. We have provided the facilities to every company to download the results of the training of their employees. We continuously put new features here.

In This Project we covered

  1. LMS (LearnPress)
  2. Paid membership pro
  3. WordPress Database customization
  4. WordPress Advanced query
  5. WordPress host on AWS
  6. Compliance management system
Technology: PHP, OOP,WordPress, LearnPress, Paid Membership Pro, JS,JQuery, AJAX
Over 150 companies are now using this application and the number is increasing day by day.

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We get our inspiration from our clients. Let’s hear their voice


We get our inspiration from our clients. Let’s hear their voice

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